Supply Chain Transparency

Data-driven insight to improve outsourcing relationships.

Objective assessment of contract deliverables transforms vendors into partners, guarantees best value from suppliers and enables innovative service level agreements to insure better outcomes.

Bank of New York Mellon Leverages Software Intelligence for Outsourcing

Bank of New York share their experience with Software Intelligence and how it helps improve outsourcing partnerships.

Measuring IT Vendors in Telecommunications

Barbara Beech, Telecom IT Vendor Management, shares how Software Intelligence creates visibility into IT vendor deliverables.

Real-Time Software Measurement with ISG

ISG shares how Software Intelligence creates real-time feedback on the quality and risk profile of business-critical software.

Create objective supplier relationships

Automate review of deliverables to secure the supply chain

Create constructive dialogue with strategic partners

Reduce supply chain risk to business

Improve agility and responsiveness to end-users needs

Identify non-standard costs related to change requests

These customers trust CAST’s Software Intelligence to make smart IT decisions

Our relationships with our ADM providers are now based on facts. No longer on feelings.

Maria del Pino Marrero

Software Quality Manager


It improves our relationship with the business partner and increases customer experience dramatically.

Peter DeBoel

Global Shipping Application Owner