Application Portfolio Analysis & Assessment


Easily assess the health of your application portfolio with confidence using CAST Highlight’s objective metrics



“We needed a turn-key solution that would provide us with actionable indicators on portfolio risk, cost and complexity.”
Pascale Bernal, CIO, GRDF



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IT Health Monitoring

We all want to be healthy – Use metrics to track your  progress over time and maintain a healthy application portfolio

IT Rationalization

Before it’s too late, make sure you assess the risks of those applications you’re about to keep.

IT Portfolio Baselining

Need to cut costs or reduce risk? Run a portfolio analysis first so you know where to put your energy.


How Can We Help Assess Your Application Portfolio?

How can you start a digital transformation or digital modernization project if you don’t know what you have? Every CIO and IT leader needs to be able to analyze their application portfolio and do an application portfolio assessment.

CAST Highlight rationalizes and optimizes your application portfolio, giving IT leaders a chance to improve governance, optimize application portfolios, and make budgetary adjustments. Our solution facilitates application portfolio analysis and helps to provide an assessment of risk, cost, documentation, complexity, and strategy. Not knowing the health of your applications can lead to problems into the future with the management and upkeep of your application portfolio.

Application portfolio analysis and assessment leverages benchmarks and KPIs from within an industry to see how your applications compare to industry peers. When using our solution, you’ll get access to information on technology, application type or exposure, team skills and turnover ratio, total end-users, and much more that will make it easier to compete.


Software Resiliency
Software Agility
Software Elegance


The CAST Highlight Portfolio Application Assessment

Our solution expedites your application portfolio analysis, giving you real-time results on how your applications are performing. You’ll gain unprecedented access to your application portfolio and ongoing governance capabilities, including:

Software health measurement against KPIs and past performance

Cloud readiness, including blockers

Complexity and cost of your software portfolio

Application risk

Investment opportunities

Retirement options

Early detection of issues


Application portfolio analysis and assessment provides choices for IT leadership to deliver maximum impact and create meaningful changes to their portfolios. More importantly, issues related to organizational support, infrastructure, and future development are easy to spot, allowing for more impactful planning. Using our program, you’ll be able to see the benefits and the value of each application – seeing whether or not it is allowing you to reach your goals.

With CAST Highlight, you are able to get an objective view of your application portfolio and easily break your organization down into various segments – department, owner, functions, and other traits. Even more importantly, you’ll be able to see both direct and indirect costs associated with each application, from staff hours to payments to vendors.


Application Portfolio Analysis with CAST Highlight

Through application portfolio analysis, CIOs and IT leaders will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the cost of the application?  What is the cost of the application?
  • What value does this application provide?  What value does this application provide?
  • How do these two numbers breakdown?  How do these two numbers breakdown?

CAST Highlight searches at the code level for patterns and practices that will help you to monitor code elegance, agility, resiliency, and readability.

Identifying security issues before someone else finds them is one of the most important aspects of application portfolio analysis.


What’s in the Application Portfolio Assessment?


Application Portfolio Assessment Analysis - Application Health



Analyze The Health Of Applications

CAST Highlight enables you to quickly and objectively measure software health, cloud readiness, complexity and cost of your application portfolio. Using a distributed and painless process, you can have exclusive insight into application risks and opportunities before any investment, rationalization or retirement decisions need to be made on a IT asset.


Application Portfolio Assessment Analysis - Code Level Analysis



Fact-Based & Code-Level Analysis

CAST Highlight searches for hundreds of problematic code patterns and programming practices that reduces health and increases cost of your software. Resiliency, Agility, Code Elegance & Readability metrics gives you the facts about your portfolio.


Application Portfolio Assessment Analysis - Security Hotspots



Identify  Security Hotspots

CAST Highlight helps you identify security issues that your applications may have before black hats get their hands on it. This version verifies if the frameworks and third-party libraries contain CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures) across 100K+ vulnerabilities referenced by MITRE and NIST


Application Portfolio Assessment Analysis - Application Benchmarks



Application Benchmarks

How are your applications compared to industry peers? Are your core business applications more risky or complex than the average? Highlight benchmarks each application in your portfolio against 2000+ anonymous applications. Compare “apples to apples” using more than a dozen benchmarking dimensions (e.g. technology, application type or exposure, team skills and turnover ratio, total end-users, etc.).