Outsourcing Assessment

Define objective criteria/gates to increase quality and monitor costs in your acceptance process.


The Problem

Most companies today utilize some form of outsourcing – whether it’s a few applications or the entire portfolio. The issue is, it’s very difficult for companies to measure the quality, risk and complexity of these deliverables in an easy, fast way. They are often left to discover issues after the software has been accepted and implemented. Now is the time to set and monitor new acceptance standards!

The Solution

CAST Highlight provides a critical quality gate for anyone who is outsourcing application development. Measure the quality, risk and complexity of the software as its being delivered – against objective metrics that everyone can see and understand. Know that you’re getting what you pay for – using a positive, transparent and fact-based approach.

Risk Prevention

Define proactively the standards for both production and adaptability risks to avoid any service interruption in production.

Apply a continuous control on the consolidated complexity & technical debt to ensure that the outsourced delivery stay aligned with the overall IT roadmap and its related standards.


Set the rules and share them with your partners to standardize the acceptance gates.

Identify your trusted partners by measuring the quality of the final products.

Smart Decision

Influence, lead or reprioritize an outsourced development according to the risk, complexity and maintenance estimate trends.

Leverage the fact based assessment of the end products, to rank your providers and balance your outsourcing strategy accordingly.

  • Highlight is a really helpful tool for an organization like us, it helped us in making strategic decision towards business investment.

    Frederic Veron, Fannie MaeSVP Head of Business Application Development
  • CAST complements our offerings in the technology space with hard facts and metrics.

    Benjamin Rehberg, BCGPartner & Managing Director

Key Features & Analytics

Fast & Easy

Taking control of your Application Portfolio has never been so easy. Onboard your applications in minutes and get fact-based analytics on software risks, technical debt & software maintenance costs.

Code-Level Analytics

Highlight identifies the missing piece in your APM puzzle: exclusive and fact-based insight on your software quality risks through a painless code-level analysis (SAP, COBOL, JEE, C#, C/C++, etc.)

Bank-Grade Security

Your code never leaves your environment.  In addition, we take care of the confidentiality, integrity & security of your application portfolio analytics & assessment – we’ve been certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013