Legacy Modernization

Intelligence to make legacy systems more agile and efficient

Insight into complex system architectures to understand legacy systems, identify complexities, support better impact analysis to confidently modernize core systems.

CA on Mainframe Modernization and Software Intelligence

CA shares how to reduce IT costs and create more efficient mainframe deployments for customers with Software Intelligence.

Digitizing Insurance Applications at Generali

Generali shares how Software Intelligence quickens digital transformation.

Modernize complex and legacy applications with confidence

Discovery and application health assessment provides an accurate understanding of systems

Visibility into complex or poorly documented systems to reduce transformation risk

Software engineering insight that accelerates modernization effort

Real-time monitoring of modernization to protect clients and ensure high-quality outcome

Insight and visibility into the most complex systems

Interactive blueprints for better strategies to transform systems

Accelerate understanding of existing systems

Enforce architecture compliance

Prioritize and manage legacy modernization tasks

Imaging System Features