Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Increasing confidence & value by adding objective metrics to your EA program/practice.


The Problem

Having an Enterprise Architecture (EA) is critical to any organization as it provides the necessary linkage from business strategies through execution – with many steps in between. This traceability provides critical details about cause and affect – if I change something in my IT layer, what processes, people and strategies does it affect? Questions like these (and many more) help a business understand the impact of change before it happens.

The primary stumbling block for EA is the relative lack of objective metrics. This lack of fact-based information makes the architecture easy to argue with or ignore, as different people have different opinions. In the IT Portfolio layer for example, facts about the quality, risk and complexity of an application are not collected at all – or worse – the answers become a “best guess”. This misses an ideal opportunity to assess an additional level of detail when trying to analyze the impact of change.

The Solution

CAST Highlight provides a smart integration with your current EA practice.

CAST Highlight adds objective metrics to existing enterprise architectures, supplying fact-based data on application risks, complexity and costs. It was built to complement existing EA programs, easily exporting this objective information for consumption by a variety of EA tools. Objective metrics around production risk and application complexity can now be viewed directly in your EA tool, providing answers to a new level of impact analysis questions. Add to that metric-driven costs on software maintenance and technical debt, and you now have unparalleled visibility across the architecture.

Risk Prevention

Anticipate potential business disruptions by identifying highly complex or outdated technologies.

Ensure that your critical business processes and key enterprise capabilities are supported by robust, scalable and reliable applications.


Monitor and document the total cost of ownership and the maintenance operational spending by application and portfolio.

Interject fact-based metrics into your EA process to leverage end-to-end traceability.

Smart Decision

Support investment decisions by providing fact-based recommendations using objective measures (risks, complexity, cost & business value).

Monitor the complexity, business value and overall technical debt to help influence the enterprise roadmap.

  • Highlight is a really helpful tool for an organization like us, it helped us in making strategic decision towards business investment.

    Frederic Veron, Fannie MaeSVP Head of Business Application Development
  • CAST complements our offerings in the technology space with hard facts and metrics.

    Benjamin Rehberg, BCGPartner & Managing Director

Key Features & Analytics

Fast & Easy

Taking control of your Application Portfolio has never been so easy. Onboard your applications in minutes and get fact-based analytics on software risks, technical debt & software maintenance costs.

Code-Level Analytics

Highlight identifies the missing piece in your APM puzzle: exclusive and fact-based insight on your software quality risks through a painless code-level analysis (SAP, COBOL, JEE, C#, C/C++, etc.)

Bank-Grade Security

Your code never leaves your environment.  In addition, we take care of the confidentiality, integrity & security of your application portfolio analytics & assessment – we’ve been certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013