ADM Productivity Measurement

Intelligence to continuously improve ADM.

Software intelligence into the 'true' effort, work and quality delivered by teams and partners - standardized, consistent measurement over time.

ADM Productivity

Help in-sourced, co-sourced or outsourced delivery teams and sourcing managers optimize performance, drive good behavior, recognize high performers and understand which teams need support.  

Video: Measuring Productivity in Agile 

Objectivity with Outsourcers

Objective and fair assessment of client and vendor deliverables helps transform vendors into partners and increase outsourcing value.

Video: How Global Telco Measures Partners 

Measurement & Benchmarking

Enable every improvement initiative by knowing the baseline at the starting point. Benchmarking against industry performance provides fact-based insight to the state of systems and processes.

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CAST Automated Function Points is based on International Function Point User Group (IFPUG) and the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) sizing rules. CAST automates the manual counting process by using the structural information retrieved by source code analysis, database structure and transactions. Measuring developer productivity with SLOC or development activity is misleading, unfair and inaccurate.


We looked all around the industry and CAST was the only automated function point counting solution that let us scale our measurement program enterprise-wide.

Michael Synn



What's important is that generated counts remove the issue of inter-counter variability, the need for documentation, and the amount of time necessary to count manually, all three of which have limited function point usage. Automation may be the single key enabler necessary to drive deeper acceptance of function points...

Matthew Hotle

Gartner Research