CI/CD & DevOps 2.0

Continuous application quality and risk intelligence.

In CI / CD and DevOps, delivery teams are more accountable for end results. While this is a positive shift, they are not yet empowered with a global understanding of how the whole system is built. The quality of individual bricks does not ensure that the building is safe, resilient and efficiency. The same is true with components of software systems.

A system-level contextual analysis at build phase is a must to ensure robust, secure, Grade-A software and prevent breaches, outages or embarrassing delivery results.

Video: Fannie Mae on Software Intelligence in CI / CD  

Contextual Analysis at the System Level

DevOps & Superware Schema

Integrating system-level analysis into the DevOps pipeline provides the team with the software intelligence needed to increase development speed and reduce rework, while ensuring they drive down software risk in the final system

Peter Kaminski

Cutter Consortium

Code-scanning capabilities provide developers with feedback on incremental changes . Other code-scanning technologies, like those from CAST, provide architects with insights into code structure, modularity, and dependencies

Christopher Condo & Diego Lo Giudice


CAST recognized by Gartner as a static analysis technology solution provider in DevOps space