Application Security

Intelligence to protect sensitive applications and data - by design.

Software Intelligence reduces spurious findings flagged by traditional tools to focus efforts on the flaws that application security tools can’t catch: malicious code gaining forbidden access to data, lack of input validation and back doors.  Intelligence to cut through the noise and find the biggest threats.

CAST for Security

Design Security In

Blueprinting informs proactive threat analysis and secure architectural design

Architecture governance enforces development adherence to secure design

Contextual Software Analysis finds flaws that application security tools can’t

Measurement that can be benchmarked and show trends in security risk and performance

These customers trust CAST’s Software Intelligence to make smart IT decisions

50% of exploitable software security opportunities are related to design flaws (architecture) in the application

Gary McGraw



Information Assurance is more than Security. We found that the foundation of secure software is quality software. Software Assurance is 5 parts Structural Quality with 2 parts Software Security.

John Keane

SCQC Director

U.S. Military Health System