Security & Data Safety

Intelligence to protect sensitive data by design.

Security tools that analyze source code only check on best practices that prevent intrusion (SQL Injection, XSS). CAST does the same with much fewer false alarms, and is uniquely capable of protecting data against hackers or unhappy developers who manage to get inside the network.

"50% of exploitable software security opportunities related to design flaws (architecture) in the application.1.” - Gary McGraw

Contextual Software Analysis significantly reduces the number of spurious findings flagged by traditional code checkers and can help find flaws that traditional application security tools can’t catch: malicious code gaining forbidden access to data, lack of input validation and back doors.

CAST for Security

The architectural assessment of design consequences (on software performance, stability, adaptability, maintainability, and security vulnerabilities) is an area in which CAST excels and successfully differentiates from static analyzers.

Melinda Ballou


Software Assurance is 5 parts Code Quality with 2 parts Software Security.

John Keane

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CAST’s holistic system approach, looking at the architecture, transactions, control, and data flow across multiple technologies, may be very beneficial, with numerous engineering studies showing that bad software engineering practices in the ways components are interrelated and interact…account for only 10% of total defects, but can lead to 90% of production issues.


New research from CAST Research Labs on Software Security shows the world's riskiest apps.