Application Discovery and Blueprinting

Insight into software's inner structure at the speed of light.

Visibility into the most complex applications and the intelligence to blueprint them: End-to-end transactions from user entry to data access, across multiple layers and visualizations for architects and delivery teams.

Software Intelligence & Data Visualization

  • Interactive visualization of application structure and inter-dependencies
  • Powerful architectural investigation
  • Fast impact analysis

MRI insight into application architecture - at the DNA level

20x faster knowledge acquisition and transfer than manual reviews

Automated documentation of complex and legacy systems

Improve application understanding prior to modernization

Understand the impact of new microservices on legacy system

Up-to-date technical architecture means less reliance on outdated documentation

These customers trust CAST’s Software Intelligence to make smart IT decisions

Design flaws accounts for 50% of security problems. You can’t find them by staring at the code – a higher level of understanding is required.

Gary McGraw

Building Security In


Even the best architecture, most perfectly suited for the job, will be essentially useless if the people who need to use it do not know what it is, cannot understand it well enough to apply it, or (worst of all) misunderstand it and apply it incorrectly. All of the effort, analysis, hard work, and insightful design on the part of the architecture team will have been wasted.

Paul Clements

Software Engineering Institute


CAST tells us why to invest in one area versus another, something the business can see and better appreciate.

F. Veron

SVP, Head of Application Development

Fannie Mae

Building Security In
Software Engineering Institute