Every agile initiative needs a little Mojo


Bring Software Intelligence to your agile transformation using Agile Mojo’s predictive pattern analysis…





Increase Reliability

Ensure your releases are bullet-proof

Accelerate Innovation

Balance feature creation and foundational coding habits

Greater Predictability 

Real-time insights to manage technical debt

Cloud Readiness

Track progress & monitor your Cloud journey


Predict your future by looking at the past…

Agile Mojo uses predictive pattern analysis built over time by scanning thousands of applications and billions of lines of code.  By looking at the frequency of issues and potential impacts, managers can review how the factory is operating without drowning in detail.
Learn more about our predictive code patterns

Track all product within your application portfolio

Track all product within your application portfolio

Easily capture metrics that allow you to zoom from the enterprise level to programs, products, teams or releases.

Trend releases over time

Trend releases over time

Use Trending and Delta Analytics to track KPIs and drive relentless improvement.

Trace the insights and benchmark against your peersTrace the insights and benchmark against your peers 2

Trace the insights and benchmark against your peers

Apply great practices and target areas for improvement. See how you stack up against thousands of your peers.

Immediate value. Frictionless deployment.

Immediate value. Frictionless deployment.

  • Automatically scan by integrating with your current build process
  • Use our open API to integrate CAST Highlight metrics with your favorite agile planning tool
  • Use optional surveys to capture business-level metrics about your portfolio

What Agile & DevOps Experts say…

  • With CAST Highlight, organizations will easily detect the applications which are the best value-candidate to migrate to the cloud, but also those which will be easier to migrate thanks to the code-level analytics the solution brings.

    Samuel MetiasAgile & DevOps Lead at Microsoft
  • CAST Highlight should be of great help for any company that needs to migrate its application portfolio to the cloud.

    Stephane GoudeauCloud Architect at Microsoft
  • PaaS migration is the next evolution in cloud migration – and CAST Highlight is there to help.

    Eric HallCEO at HCG (Hartford Consulting Group)