ADM Renewals

Intelligence to win or renew ADM contracts.

Software intelligence helps promote visibility and transparency in confidence to win more business.  With 40% of contracts experiencing price or scope renegotiation, incumbent providers are at risk and contract volumes and values decrease. Service providers must present performance justification to win or renew contracts.

Winning and expanding contracts with software intelligence:

  • Proactively insert objective software metrics in service level agreements
  • Use proof of performance to regain control of the negotiation
  • Leverage insight to confidently enter Risk/Reward model
  • Use facts and data to price contracts and sidestep T&M pricing wars 
  • Advise the client to use software intelligence-as-a-service across the entire portfolio
  • Create visibility and formulate scope expansion strategy on areas managed by competition


What is Delivery Excellence Pricing?

Delivery excellence pricing helps find opportunities to deliver agile and robust services and to confidently promote visibility to gain market share. Delivery excellence pricing gives you greater negotiation levers (proof of performance) and controls timing.

  1. Start early: when bidding or ~18 months prior to renewal
  2. Use data and insight to show how your service performance
  3. Create a Delivery Excellence Index (DEI) with Smart Metrics
  4. Share Delivery Excellence Index with client to increase customer success, identify up sell opportunities and improve renewal rate
  5. Differentiate in negotiations for ADM bids and renewals with a win-win Bonus/Malus system based on DEI.

The architectural assessment of design consequences (on software performance, stability, adaptability, maintainability, and security vulnerabilities) is an area in which CAST excels and successfully differentiates from static analyzers.

Melinda Ballou


Software Assurance is 5 parts Code Quality with 2 parts Software Security.

John Keane

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CAST’s holistic system approach, looking at the architecture, transactions, control, and data flow across multiple technologies, may be very beneficial, with numerous engineering studies showing that bad software engineering practices in the ways components are interrelated and interact…account for only 10% of total defects, but can lead to 90% of production issues.


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