Accelerate IT Modernization

Intelligence to de-risk transformation and unveil cost savings.

Gain fast visibility into IT portfolios to find technical business risks, assess complexity and make sound decisions based on application health and safety.

Application Portfolio Analysis

Within vast application landscapes, how can you identify the applications that are most likely to fail and too costly to maintain?

Pascale Bernal, CIO at GRDF on Software Intelligence

GRDF leverages Software Intelligence to understand its application portfolio and inform ADM teams engaged in business transformation and innovation for their customers.

What if You Could Boost Innovation by Reducing IT Costs?

Insight into how MEGA and CAST help tackle digital transformation challenges.

Rapid insight across hundreds of applications

Discovery and objective assessment of application health, complexity, and maintainability

Facts that improve modernization, investments, risk reduction, outsourcing and cloud decisions

Reduce cost, complexity and optimize resources across your portfolio

These customers trust CAST’s Software Intelligence to make smart IT decisions