QA 2.0

Intelligence to intercept undetectable, complex defects.

Software intelligence to empower QA teams to intercept software monsters: complex and severe resiliency, security or performance defects.  Structural Quality Gate complements testing suites to identify system level flaws that represent 90% of the most severe production problem and are undetectable by code quality tools.

  • Easily deploys within traditional and DevOps environments.  
  • Protects businesses against data corruption, outages and other catastrophes. 
  • Educates delivery teams and continuously improve delivery
  • Reduces rework and waste 
  • Dramatically improves time to market 
  • Enforces compliance (GDPR, PCI, FINRA, SEC, FDA, MISRA...)

VIDEO: ADP on Continuous Improvement and ADM Cost Reduction 

Code analysis and testing tools find Software Bugs. You need CAST to stop the Software Monsters.

CAST identifies, prioritizes and helps re-mediate Software Monsters* hidden within architecturally complex systems.

* Software Monsters hide within systems with components that affect many other components, or that can be affected by many other components.  These systems have high levels of architectural complexity. To find vulnerabilities hidden among these components, you need system level analysis.  

If I only get $500k to fix software, CAST tells me where to spend the money and the ROI delivers every time.

Michael Furniss

Coca Cola Bottling

Coca Cola

CAST generates 20% productivity gains from rework.

Thierry Daumas

Head of Industrialization


Our goal is to prove to the business that their investment in the technology organization is worthwhile and that we will get better with our output and our quality. And there’s no way to measure this without CAST.

Michael Synn

VP Enterprise Architecture


Application development managers must carefully assess the implications of what contributes to increasing business agility. Structural quality of an application becomes crucial in achieving agility of the business.