Improve ADM Quality

Intelligence to find undetectable flaws and deliver super software.

Insight for QA and delivery teams to intercept software monsters: complex resiliency, security or performance defects that represent 90% of production problems – the ones traditional process cannot detect.

ADP: Benefits of Software Intelligence

ADP's Vice President of R&D shares how Software Intelligence improves delivery.

IBM on IT, Business and Measuring Software

IBM Global Business Services explains how Software Intelligence creates greater value and understanding between IT and business.

How Coca-Cola Prevents Operations Failures

Coca-Cola Bottling Investment Group discusses how Software Intelligence helps control reliability and performance of custom SAP to ensure business continuity.

Code analysis and testing tools find bugs.
Software Intelligence spots monsters.

CAST identifies, prioritizes and helps re-mediate Software Monsters* hidden within architecturally complex systems.

* Software monsters hide within multi-component systems with high levels of architectural complexity. To find vulnerabilities hidden among interconnected components, you need contextual software analysis.

Intelligence-driven delivery and testing:

Reduces rework and waste by identifying software flaws early; improving ADM team and vendor performance

Insight into what practices are working, so you can replicate and scale those across your organization

Protects businesses against data corruption, outages, breaches and other catastrophes

Educates delivery teams on software engineering best practices

Makes project delivery more predictable

These customers trust CAST’s Software Intelligence to make smart IT decisions