Be Digital Ready

Build digital strategies based on facts about your software.

Find cloud readiness, modernization opportunities, hidden risks within your application portfolio.

Empower architects and teams with deep technical understanding of complex systems.

Drive modernization initiatives with visibility, facts and confidence.

Protect Your

Safeguard your business with insight into critical software systems and products.

Spot hard-to-find security, resilience and efficiency flaws.

Leverage third party and open source components without security and IP risk.

Arm SWAT and support teams with x-ray vision into critical software systems.

Accelerate Time to Market

Build better software, sooner with engineering insight and visibility.

Reduce rework by 2x with proactive, system-level insight.

Help developers understand how to build safe and sound systems compliant with architecture and software engineering standards, including OWASP, CISQ, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and more.

Accelerate knowledge transfer, complex software system discovery and developer onboarding by 10x.

Create transparency and trust across the supply chain.

Align development organizations with productivity and time-to-market goals set by the business.

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Deep insight and health assessment into a complex system…

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Blueprinting /

Complete architectural blueprint and technical documentation…

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M&A Technical
Due Diligence

Rapid technical assessment of systems to be acquired…

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