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Last month, I had the opportunity to discuss the expanding threat of mobile IT security with CAST’s audience. The feedback we got was so overwhelming, I wanted to answer the questions we might have missed here on the blog. Lev already answered some of your questions in a previous post, so for my follow-up post, I’ll focus on the risks that often go ignored throughout the software development process.

Introducing Security into Mainstream Development – Part 2

Money isn’t everything…yeah, right!

There are few, if any, who are so idealistic in this world that they will actually believe money isn’t everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s the scheduled time for a television show or a high-level decision to produce a controversial product, the motivation is money.

Crash Course on CRASH Report, part 3: Technical Debt

Types of Process Frameworks:

A Recipe for Quantifying the ROI on Improving Process Maturity