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This morning’s news was rife with accounts of the London Stock Exchange Group being forced to halt trading on its main market due to a technical fault in its barely two-week-old MilleniumIT trading system.  This is yet another example of the need for pre-deployment analysis of structural quality.

London Bourse is Falling Down – Time to Analyze Its Structure?

Recently, Gartner Analyst Andy Kyte made quite a stir when he published a report that brought to the forefront just how expensive the cost of software maintenance is becoming for the IT industry.  As reported by Patrick Thibodeau in Computerworld, Kyte cited what he called IT Debt as already standing at $500 billion and fast on its way to surpassing $1 Trillion globally.

Don’t Dawdle on Debt: Establishing a Technical Debt Action Plan

In about 3 weeks (January 27th, to be precise), we'll be featuring Dave West, Principal Analyst at Forrester on a webinar.  Stay tuned for the announcement and the link to register.

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