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You need an application delivered fast. And you’re willing to pay more to get it done quickly. But how much more should you pay?

That depends of course on your supplier’s productivity. The more productive they are, the more they can charge on a per-hour basis. That’s because their productivity enables them to deliver the same size application in fewer hours than a less productive supplier would be able to. Which means that the cost to deliver a function point (function point per $) might actually be less than a supplier whose labor rates are much lower!  In other words, a supplier with a higher labor cost can actually be more cost efficient – and at the end of the day, this output metric – cost efficiency – is what matters. (Along with application quality, as we'll see a bit later.)

Output-Based Application Management

Because CAST's quality metrics are a unique and vital addition to IBM Insight.

Supplementing Project Metrics with Quality Metrics

Kickoff 2010! Every year, the entire company gathers in one physical location to strengthen relationships, forge new ones, and internalize CAST's values and goals. Kickoff 2010 was super! I was delighted to meet some good friends and make many new ones.  The intelligence and creativity of CAST folks is impressive -- no wonder we are THE Application Intelligence company.

Measure IT, Manage IT, Master IT!

In a recent post I wrote about the craziness of just measuring the things you do to build something, without ever measuring the quality of the thing you build.

Be Like Usain Bolt – Measure Output

Is software management obsolete? Yes, according to Tim Berry, President and Founder of Palo Alto Software.

Don’t Give Up on Software Metrics!