What's in it for you

  • CIO & VP Applications
  • Architect
  • Risk & Compliance
  • VP of Delivery
  • Vendor Management
  • Quality Insurance



Progressive executives rely on analytics to support decisions, communicate with peers and manage their teams and suppliers. What reliable metrics and intel do you have in hand about your custom assets and ADM teams' performance?


  • Fact-based presentations to business and CEO
  • Ammunition for budget sessions
  • Proof of transformation progress
  • Informed decisions and benchmarking

VP of Applications

  • Analytics to deliver on target and on quality
  • Proactive reduction of software risk
  • Prevention of rework, faster time to market
  • Management power that impacts behavior

Project Management

What if your project relies on existing applications that are not in the best condition? Excess technical debt can cause a project to derail. CAST lets you look beyond the "all green" status report, and to see the technical reality underneath.

  • Prevention of rework for on time delivery
  • Early warning to detect project risks
  • Tracking of real status, not reported status
  • Deep-tech analytics so you can keep up with the techies

CTO / Architect

The architect should never be disconnected from the reality of what the local, global and vendor teams are doing to the company's software. CAST bridges the divide between the architect's vision and the daily implementation of pressing business requirements.

  • Control over application architecture, web services deployment, separation of concerns
  • Component and services reuse management
  • "As is" architecture blueprinting of complex legacy applications
  • Track compliance of developers' implementation with target architecture


Management has no idea how hard it is for the IT technical teams working on major custom enhancements to key business applications to get the job done. The Ops team doesn't really grasp the technical complexity of the software architecture. The Dev team keeps throwing bad code over the wall which keeps the pagers going off every other weekend. CAST provides the common language to track and control the technical quality of everything that's built and operated.


  • Learning development techniques and software engineering best practice on the job, for those who still have something to learn
  • In-cycle feedback that helps avoid painful rework, in a rush, as the project skids off the rails
  • Easier discovery of someone else's code, or your own code after some time has gone by
  • Metrics that can show your management how good a software engineer you are


  • Fewer unpredictable data corruption and system outage issues, especially on weekends
  • Less bad software in the data center that hogs CPU and network resources
  • Metrics that you can set up as a quality gate before accepting code into your data center


  • Ability to tell whether you actually have all the code that comprises your most critical systems
  • Proactive reduction of software risk
  • A common language for developers to understand how they can make their systems ops-ready
  • Analytics that tell you what you're passing through your DevOps process into production

Quality Assurance

All too often, the QA organization is relegated to the end of the development process, and the QA process is squeezed as project delivery runs into hard business deadlines. QA should assure quality, rather than find a mountain of flaws built into the product, only to be fed back into a hectic re-development cycle. CAST enables the QA organization to "shift left" in terms of instilling a quality software culture in the development organization.

  • Fewer technical defects that flow into QA process
  • Ability to establish quantified quality gates prior to code acceptance
  • Risk-based testing capabilities
  • Structural QA in addition to current UAT and performance testing
  • You can add value beyond test execution to impact upstream software quality

IT Sourcing & Governance

The IT sourcing or vendor management team often has little input into the technical SLAs and outcomes achieved in application services contracts. Yet, the productivity and quality of the final outcomes, and the ability to pay by outcome rather than by man hour, is a top objective in supplier relationship management. CAST enables the IT vendor management team to step up and drive the application development organization towards outcome-based sourcing.

  • Create objective scorecards of quality delivered by application services providers
  • Deploy a supplier productivity measurement program at scale
  • Measure whole-factor performance, not just rate cards
  • Innovative SLAs that keep suppliers from introducing excess risk and complexity
  • Be a thought partner to your application owners, helping them achieve better outcomes with your strategic suppliers

Measurement & IT Governance

The measurement office is tasked with building scorecards and collecting metrics across the IT organization. Often these metrics are reactive in nature, that is they are collected about facts and events that have already taken place. Metrics are also notoriously hard to collect in an even, standardized way. CAST provides a measurement basis across the custom application portfolio that enables the measurement office with a much richer set of metrics that can be directly tied to business outcomes.

  • Increase the scale and relevance of the Function Point measurement program
  • Take advantage of the most advanced OMG-compliant Automated Function Point capabilities
  • Broaden productivity measurement by adding software quality and technical debt metrics
  • Feed technical debt and quality data into project estimation models for more accurate results
  • Connect your measurement program to the needs of executives, architects, vendor managers and development teams, at scale

CISO, Risk & Compliance

Risk & compliance personnel are often the first to suffer from the lack of credible software risk data in the IT environment. Collecting meaningful data is laborious and time intensive for the risk personnel, and for the development teams. CAST connects the dots for compliance audits and documentation processes by automating meaningful analytics collection. CAST also enables risk and CISO personnel to get ahead of application and data security by seeing and controlling the "as is" application and data architecture.

  • Generate detailed data about the state of health of core applications
  • Automatically document changes to applications between releases
  • Achieve PCI compliance through automated means
  • Provide CISO with advanced threat modeling capabilities and architectural views of security risk
  • Shorten the gap between your audit & risk teams and the development & architect teams for more productive collaboration


Global competition for clients continues to intensify, just as client demands and technical complexity keep increasing. In order to continue to impress clients at scale it is necessary to industrialize global delivery, manage risk and provide differentiated, innovative capabilities. CAST technology has enabled many leading global application services providers to increase ADM scale and differentiate.

Specific points of value are:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering highest quality application services compliant with latest quality standards
  • Enable the organization to run a holistic productivity measurement program for all global development centers
  • Move the organization towards an outcome based delivery model for application services

Client Partner

As clients get more demanding, your team has to continue raising the bar on delivery standards. CAST has helped many application service providers increase customer sat by improving the quality of software delivered.

In addition, CAST can help you to:

  • Differentiate from your competition and push outcome based ADM contracts based on latest quality standards
  • Upsell transformation projects by leveraging CAST's Advanced Risk Analytics on the client portfolio
  • Upsell a Software Quality Gate service as an add-on to your IV&V or your managed service testing contracts
  • Bring innovation to your existing ADM clients by introducing an automated OMG-based measurement system of delivery output

Delivery & Operations

The expectations of your colleagues have never been higher. You have to deliver on time, at scale, with high quality and good margins. CAST can help make your objectives more achievable, by helping you to:

  • Enable the organization to run a holistic productivity measurement program across all the global delivery centers, improving utilization and margins
  • Enable the organization to apply Lean ADM practices broadly, improving your speed of delivery at scale
  • Quickly audit and recover troubled projects before they hit the radar with your client
  • Achieve faster ramp-up of new comers and fast transition of new customer application portfolios

Independent Software Vendor

As a software vendor you have two main assets - your people and your IP. The state of your software assets determines your long term success and ability to "wow" your customers. CAST can help you achieve your objectives, specifically by helping you to:

  • Improve the user experience of your customers by helping your team remove unforeseen glitches from your products
  • Proactively manage the health of core company assets
  • Manage global development productivity and quality
  • Certify compliance with world's leading software quality standards for software developments