Improve Development Performance

Real-time Structural Quality and Architecture Feedback

CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is essential to development teams working in a complex enterprise systems environment. CAST AIP enables better control of architecture and structural quality that supports working at ‘Agile speed’. CAST will: 


  • Aid rapid visual inspection of the architecture to detect quality problems
  • Capture an emerging architecture from automated analysis of relationships in the source code
  • Increase the speed of team learning and improve individual craftsmanship
  • Automatically document the system without developer interaction
  • Detection of reliability, security and perform vulnerabilities in the build environment for which test cases are difficult to write
  • Create visibility to enable faster and more confident refactoring
  • Provide critical technology for implementing Jidoka, the second pillar of Lean, in Agile software development
  • Provide visibility into and measurement of Technical Debt

Data-driven Continuous Improvement

CAST Application Intelligence Platform provides tangible value across the IT supply chain. Applying continuous improvement principles to application development and maintenance (ADM) can lead to 10% overall cost and risk reduction. CAST will:

  • Support sustainable development by maintaining a constant pace through automated code review and analysis
  • Create visibility to manage changing requirements and minimize negative impacts to the structural quality of the application
  • Encourage collaboration through common framework between business people and IT development teams
  • Improve application through best practices and benchmarks