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Managing outsourced development to deliver real value


Managing your ADM vendors requires real insight into the applications that are being delivered. And SLAs that rely on functional testing and performance in production don’t give you enough insight into the issues you really care about such as reliability and stability. Without that insight, how can you:

  • Guarantee the best value from your supplier relationships
  • Create constructive, fact-based dialogue with your IT partners
  • Identify non-standard costs related to change requests

CAST delivers this by providing insight into the applications that your vendors are building and supporting. These insights include understanding the robustness, performance, and transferability of the applications, their technical debt, defect density, and other metrics that help you better work with your vendors. Learn more about how we provide this insight through our Application Analytics Dashboard (AAD).

Watch Barbara Beech, a telecom IT vendor management veteran, describe how she managed supplier relationships with CAST.

Introduction to Function Points
Using Functions Points to Measure Suppliers
Quality and Productivity

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