Reduce software flaw by detecting critical defects early

Software Flaw Interception / Risk Reduction

Find hard to detect structural defects in your application


Structural defects, i.e. defects that occur between software components, are the key driver for software-related production outages. Finding these structural defects is hard. Traditional code analysis tools only look at unit-level defects. Real software risk can only be mitigated by identifying structural defects before going into production.

CAST reduces software risk by allowing you to identify structural defects within your application by looking directly at the code, i.e. true whitebox testing. With the CAST Application Engineering Dashboard, defects can be identified, prioritized, and tasked to the relevant teams to remediate. CAST will even generate the least-cost action plan for remediation. Only CAST gives you true structural defect detection to enable early correction of these outage producing defects.

Watch Dr. Andrew Mountford, Enterprise Architect at RWE Supply & Trading discuss how CAST helped them improve the robustness and resilience of trading systems.

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