Assess Legacy Applications

Years of work have gone into the applications that run organizations today, based on multiple technologies and languages, and built upon the intelligence of people who may no longer be part of the team. Because of this, IT managers need to find ways to gain visibility into these systems in order to ensure success.

What does an Application Assessment Measure?


A CAST Assessment generates precise measures of key health factors, application structural quality, size, and complexity. These metrics are reported through a set of audience-tailored dashboards that provide unprecedented visibility for managing complex software projects. The Assessment:

  • Identifies architectural and structural quality hotspots, their root causes, and documents the application thoroughly to ensure rapid knowledge transfer
  • Creates a baseline for measuring quality and productivity improvement

What is Delivered?

  • CAST AIP Dashboard – A private, secure portal that contains the assessment results. Dashboards are available 10 - 14 business days after start of the analysis.
  • Application Assessment Report – A concise report containing the key insights and summary of the assessment results, delivered 15 - 20 business days after start of the analysis.
  • Detail Assessment Action Plan – Your action plan contains a prioritized list of artifacts causing critical violations. It is delivered via private, secure portal and can be exported to Microsoft Excel. Detail Action Plans are available 15 - 20 business days after start of the analysis.
  • Onsite Assessment Debrief – CAST will walk through the assessment results and key insights to you and your stakeholders. The Assessment Debrief is delivered as a workshop 15 - 20 business days after start of the analysis.

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