Control your technical debt

Visibility into technical debt to manage effectively

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Technical debt, the debt incurred intentionally or unintentionally while building a software application, can become a serious concern as it’s accrued.  Measuing technical debt is important and without real data it is often difficult to determine which area of technical debt must be remediated first. Some technical debt has a big impact, while most of it is pure hygiene. The key is to understand exactly where the technical debt lies and what the impact of that debt is.

CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) provides an objective and fact based approach for measuring technical debt on a regular basis. Using advanced diagnostics from CAST, an application development team can identify the most serious structural flaws adding to the technical debt of the application. CAST AIP not only quantifies technical debt, but also gives the development team all the necessary tools to proactively manage and reduce it.

“The key drivers to use CAST are to measure changes in quality in a quantifiable way and have the development team increase the quality level of the product we produce.”

– Hank Hyatt, Global Head of Equities IT, Credit Suisse

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