Better understand your target application landscape in Mergers & Acquisitions Technical Due Diligence

Visibility into technical debt to manage effectively

Understand their IT landscape early


Technical due diligence in a merger or acquisition is often fraught with insufficient information. While objective measures are often available for financial information, little has traditionally been available to evaluate a company’s application landscape.

For an application portfolio, CAST Highlight gives you fast insight into a target company’s applications, delivering real data on risk, complexity, and cost.

For a deep dive into critical software assets, i.e a software product, eCommerce platform, etc, CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) provides a detailed analysis that identifies all of the hidden defects that can impact performance, resiliency, security, maintainability, and transferability of this key software asset.

“With transparency, a conversation with the business can result in a mutual understanding of the value IT can bring to the table.”

– Benjamin Rehberg, Partner & Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

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