Software Certification

A successful application release is much more than just bringing new code into the live production environment. Hard work and attention to detail contribute to a high quality and stable release with a positive user experience. CAST provides software certification for individual application releases based on standards published by the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) to companies who take pride in their software quality.

What are the CISQ quality characteristics?

CAST’s software certification is based on the most current version of the CISQ standards for software quality. Based on the dimensions of Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Security, and Maintainability, these industry standards provide an industry accepted foundation for measuring and communicating structural software quality.

The value of certifying software quality


Certifying software releases provides tangible benefits to your company and your users:

  • Showcase your software quality efforts
  • Drive objective discussions with your internal and external customers
  • Benchmark against the performance of your competitors
  • Drive targeted improvements in your software quality
  • Establish a measurement-oriented culture

How does the program work?

Starting your application certification program is simple.

  1. Define the start of the certification process.  Typically this is immediately before or after an application release is deployed in production.
  2. Provide CAST secured access to the code of the application.
  3. CAST analyzes the underlying system level quality, applying CISQ standard specifications
  4. CAST hosts the final certification on your Software Certification Center
  5. Retrieve, print, and share certifications from the Software Certification Center

Our focus on software quality had been hard to communicate to our stakeholders. Especially when the immediate benefits are not visible. With CAST’s help, we can empirically say that we have attained a high quality and are trending upwards based on a third party’s audit and an industry standard.

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Want to know more?

Have a CAST software quality expert contact you, and learn about how you can leverage this program in your organization.