Prevent, Measure, Improve

Software is the lifeblood of your organization but also one of its biggest risks. Too many organizations lack control over project timelines, software risks, and maintenance cost. CAST reduces application risks, improves time to value, and brings control and visibility into application portfolios and vendor relationships. All with a single underlying principle: by measuring the software product itself – the missing dimension in most IT management dashboards.

Prevent Software Risk


Systems continue to fail despite massive investments on testing because functional testing does not identify the weaknesses that result in 90% of system failures. Performance and stress testing does not account for all possible response-time and stability issues. CAST exposes the weaknesses in complex multitier systems by identifying the high severity engineering flaws undetectable by testing.

  • Application Security Assess complex, multi-tier applications to identify vulnerabilities, while enabling architects to oversee compliance to internal security guidelines.
  • Resilience and Performance – Assess complex, multi-tier applications to identify stability and efficiency weaknesses that result in downtime and poor customer experience.
  • ERP Customization Risk – Eliminate nagging performance issues or upgrade with confidence with CAST analysis of ERP custom code and supporting systems.

Measure Productivity

CAST clients discover that transparency creates a healthier and more risk-free relationship between application development and business teams, enabling higher volume of outsourcing, more aggressive delivery models, and increased confidence with estimates and timelines. CAST improves visibility between teams and service providers by precisely measuring the quantity and quality of ADM output. 

  • ADM Productivity – Gain control of insourced, co-sourced or outsourced ADM performance through objective measurement and monitoring of ADM output.
  • Outsourcing Transparency – Establish a transparent relationship with suppliers through objective and fair assessment of client and vendor deliverables.  Removing information asymmetry helps turn vendors into strategic partners and increase application outsourcing value.
  • Measurement & Benchmarking – Enable every improvement initiative by knowing the baseline at the starting point. Benchmarking systems, teams and suppliers against industry performance provides fact-based insight to the state of systems and processes.

Improve Code Quality

57% of IT leaders cite “can’t implement fast enough” as their #1 organizational concern, proving that it’s the adaptability of all IT that matters not just velocity of specific projects. CAST accelerates time to market by identifying and helping avoid the complexity and risk that code checkers can’t – resulting in more malleable and robust applications.

  • Time-to-Value Acceleration – Improve application health with every code modification. Healthier applications mean faster and more predictable delivery, without sacrificing resilience, performance or security.
  • Application Portfolio Analysis – Scan IT portfolios very quickly, without intruding on developers, to identify sources of technical debt and technical risks.
  • Legacy Applications – Assess legacy applications to regain control, create understanding, eliminate hidden risks and extend their useful life.

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