CAST Research Labs

CAST Research Labs (CRL) furthers the empirical study of software implementation in business technology. We provide practical advice and annual benchmarks to the global application development community, as well as interacting with the academic community. Through scientific analysis of large software applications, we focus on providing insights that can improve application structural quality:

Starting in 2007, CRL has been collecting metrics and structural characteristics from custom applications deployed by large, IT-intensive enterprises across North America, Europe, and India. This unique dataset, stored in the CAST Appmarq benchmarking repository, is now over 2,500 applications (representing over 3 billion lines of code) and forms a basis to analyze actual software implementation in industry. As a baseline, each year CRL publishes a detailed report of software trends across technologies and industry segments found in our industry repository, known as the CRASH Report. The latest CRL research can be downloaded free of charge here.