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Compliance laws like GDPR and PII make data privacy a must.  Are you 100% sure your applications don’t access highly sensitive data like Social Security Number or birth date?  Most efforts to track sensitive data focus on databases.  The problem is, these days many applications don’t uses databases – they use API’s. Highlight complements the traditional data-based analysis approach by detecting those applications that are using sensitive data – allowing you to focus your efforts on the right applications within your portfolio.

Use fully customized keywords to detect PII related data

Use fully customized keywords to detect PII related data

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can vary based on geography, language and industry. You define the keywords, importance (e.g. weight) and grouping of data terms to make the search as accurate as possible.

Identify PII usage at the portfolio level

Identify PII usage at the portfolio level

Segment your portfolio based on applications that use sensitive data in order to focus your efforts in the right places. Apply business impact analysis to target applications that are critical to the business and have high PII usage.

Score each application based on PII density and weighting

Score each application based on PII density and weighting

Quickly identify which application files contain your customized keywords – sort and filter in order to prioritize the most sensitive data first.

Immediate value. Frictionless deployment

Immediate value. Frictionless deployment.

Automatically scan by integrating with your current build process
Use our open API to integrate CAST Highlight metrics with your favorite tools
Use optional surveys to capture business-level metrics about your portfolio

What Experts say…

  • With CAST Highlight, organizations will easily detect the applications which are the best value-candidate to migrate to the cloud, but also those which will be easier to migrate thanks to the code-level analytics the solution brings.

    Samuel MetiasAgile & DevOps Lead at Microsoft
  • CAST Highlight should be of great help for any company that needs to migrate its application portfolio to the cloud.

    Stephane GoudeauCloud Architect at Microsoft
  • PaaS migration is the next evolution in cloud migration – and CAST Highlight is there to help.

    Eric HallCEO at HCG (Hartford Consulting Group)

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