CAST Enlighten helps architects and engineering teams with

Shorter Learning Curve

Shorter Learning

Minimize time to onboard new developers with interactive application navigation

More Collaborative Team

More Collaborative

Understand how your code impacts the work of your teammates

Productivity Gain


Less time spent looking for the right information about the code

Improved Documentation


Automated, to ensure that the code documentation is always up to date


Key features of CAST Enlighten

Enlighten builds application structure blueprints by leveraging CAST’s renowned structural static analysis engine, the Application Intelligence Platform, to look at how software components interact. A visual representation is then created that provides insight to developers or new team members that helps them better understand, support, and continue to develop the application.

Interactive exploration

Interactive exploration - An end-user application to graphically display and explore the structure of an application and its code interdependencies, according to the information gathered during code analysis and stored in the AIP Knowledgebase

Change Simulation

Change Simulation - Impact analysis capabilities to simulate the impact of a modification to an object

Automated Documentation

Automated Documentation - HTML report feature to create technical documentation


CAST has shined a light into the black box of our applications.

Dr. Ray Russo

Head of Enterprise IT


CAST excels at architectural assessment.

Melinda Ballou

Research Director