Automated Function Points

CAST Automated Function Points (AFP) capability is an automatic function points counting solution based on the rules defined by the International Function Point User Group (IFPUG) and the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ). CAST automates the manual counting process by using the structural information retrieved by source code analysis, database structure and transactions.


CAST AFP generates three types of counts:

  • Added Function Points: Function Points identified from the functions that are added by the enhancement efforts.
  • Modified Function Points: Function Points counted because existing function is changed during the enhancement project.
  • Deleted Function Points: Function Points counted for functions deleted during the project
CAST Automated Function Points

CAST Automated Function Points demonstrates a 10x reduction in the cost of manual counted function points. The CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) provides precise measures of the functional size as well as changes in the complexity of all application components; with this information, IT organizations use CAST to accurately measure software productivity.

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  • Comprehensive: Counts are based on the entire application, thus there is no need to extrapolate the count from individual parts of an application.
  • Consistent: CAST’s automation produces repeatable, consistent results--no human intervention required! Objectivity and speed needed for benchmarking applications and teams is delivered automatically.
  • Cost-effective: After initial set up, the cost of subsequent counts is effectively zero.

“What's important is that generated counts remove the issue of inter-counter variability, the need for documentation, and the amount of time necessary to count manually, all three of which have limited function point usage. Automation may be the single key enabler necessary to drive deeper acceptance of function points...”

- Matthew Hotle Gartner Research


CAST Makes the Invisible Visible

  • Calculate productivity baseline: CAST AIP establishes a baseline of the number of function points per staff per month against which improvement in team productivity can be measured.
  • Track productivity over time: Calculate the number of function points per staff per month for every major release of a mission-critical application and compare it with the established baseline. The difference translates into an increase or decrease in productivity.
  • Generate measures of quality and complexity: Use these additional measures to get a more accurate value for productivity for all of your application components.
  • Identify process inefficiencies: Analyze differences in productivity to highlight areas of process inefficiency. Having quality and complexity information in addition to size makes it easier to find and quickly fix the root causes of inefficiency.
  • Measure effectiveness of process improvements: Quantify the effectiveness of process improvement.

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