CAST Architecture Checker

CAST Architecture Checker gives enterprise architects a fast and visual way to represent an application’s architecture based on the way an architect thinks about their application. Whether defining architectural layers by technology, by geography, or even by naming convention, an enterprise architect can define the architecture and understand the connections between those layers of the architecture. This gives real insight into how the layers communicate and can identify potential undesirable communications that exist in the code.

Analyzing the architectural integrity of complex, multi-tier, multi-technology applications is a monstrous task yet crucial to ensure systems don't fail. Enterprise architects need the reliable, automated solution of CAST Architecture Checker to enforce architectures that deliver efficiency and stability of business critical applications.

  • Quickly identify potential security breaches due to architecture misuse
  • Protect design patterns from degradation
  • Automated, continuous architectural compliance and verification
  • Prevent erosion of system robustness, security, and design

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