CAST's Green IT Index

Did you know that bad software can cause your electricity bill to go up?

Green IT Index Tile          Green IT Index evolution

Drive environmental sustainability in your software, and reap financial benefits with CAST's Green IT Index.

The 'greenness' of software has been difficult to measure.  Software's environmental effect is based on how efficiently it carry out intended actions, and how robust it is in handling errors without incurring outages.  CAST's Green IT Index is a composite of selected programming best practices that significantly impact the efficiency and robustness of your applications.

The Green IT Index helps IT leaders:

  • Reduce costs associated with wasted hardware resources
  • Improve overall software quality
  • Promote an environmentally conscious culture within the development team

Integrated as part of CAST's Application Analytics Dashboard, you can quickly drill down to analyze specific best practice violations for all your applications.