Maintain Strategic IP Knowledge

Keep control over critical transactions, data flows, and software architecture

Data professionals are wasting on average, 30% of their time because they cannot find, protect or prepare data.

Source: IDC 2018

CAST Imaging automatically reverse engineers entire applications
into complete, accurate, actionable blueprints.

Improve distributed developer collaboration

On their own, team members can:

  • Use a single, detailed, actual ‘version of the truth’
  • Access critical Transactions and sensitive Data Flows
  • Enrich a knowledge base with any changes made to applications

With CAST Imaging you can:


Rely on the actual architecture of applications

Understand any custom-made system of different technology stacks, as well as all interdependencies between code components, application layers, frameworks, technologies, databases. Learn any complex systems with 5 levels of granularity from bird views down to the finest objects and source code.

Rely on the actual architecture of applications

Preserve critical knowledge

Automatically get transaction and Data-Access flows accessing sensitive data that make up the know-how and the heart of systems. Preserve up-to-date, accurate and detailed blueprints of the software for documentation, compliance, and critical situations.

Preserve critical knowledge

Build online and sharable documentation

Add notes and attach documents to views and objects to store all maintenance and modernization changes. Keep and use an always up-to-date knowledge base of any modifications made to the structure of applications.

Build online and sharable documentation

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"We’ve anchored all our applications on to CAST Imaging."

Nachiket Deshpande

What our clients experienced

"It’s like Google maps. We want the best possible map system and that’s why we work with CAST."

John Granger
SVP & COO Global Business Services

"CAST helps in understanding the existing architectures and speed up the application development."

Aditi Kulkarni
Global Assets Engineering Lead

"Reduced time for onboarding developers from 4 to 3 months"

Phillip Crenshaw
VP & Global Business Engineering Leader