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70% - 90% of M&A deals are unsuccessful – A Recent
Harvard Business Review Report

Common reasons for failure include: inaccurate data gathering during the due diligence process, lack of objective insights into the technology landscape, and unexpected post-acquisition technology costs.

A deep dive technical review of application source code would take an experienced architect weeks or even months for a more complex software system. Hence, investors are often “flying blind” when assessing potential software technology investments and are basing decisions primarily (or entirely) on subjective information gathered via manual surveys during the due diligence process.

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CAST Highlight can assess an entire software application in less than an hour. Based on facts.

Perform rapid application assessments automatically by analyzing application source code.

Scanning happens locally in just a few minutes without source code needing to leave the premises.

Intuitive dashboards are generated automatically delivering insights on software health, cloud readiness, and open source risk.

Develop an accurate valuation of the target firm based on objective data.

With CAST Highlight you can:


Rapidly assess the overall health of application portfolios.

CAST Highlight calculates objective software health metrics by analyzing the actual source code of applications including Resiliency (reliability), Agility (maintainability), and Elegance (complexity) to accurately understand the current state of software assets.

Rapidly assess the overall health of application portfolios. Based on Facts.

Inventory the software technology makeup of applications.

CAST Highlight automatically scans the source code of a software application accurately detecting every programming language in use and calculates software health measures by technology.

Inventory the software technology makeup of applications. Automatically.

Identify application improvement opportunities.

Code-level improvement opportunities are automatically identified to improve an application’s reliability, maintainability, and complexity.

Identify application improvement opportunities. In minutes.

Understand Open Source Risks.

Automatically perform Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to detect all open source components in use throughout the application and the associated risks. Identify security vulnerabilities, open source licensing risks, or obsolete components that will need to be addressed or upgraded in minutes versus the weeks it would take using manual code reviews.

Understand Open Source Risks. In Real Time.

Understand the cloud readiness of an application.

Automatically identify cloud migration Blockers (e.g., Persistent File Usage, COM Components, etc.) and Boosters (e.g., use of a web configuration file, MySQL, etc.). Get accurate guidance on exactly where each of the roadblocks occur within the code of an application and learn how to remediate these roadblocks instead of using subjective estimates to estimate the effort to modernize an application on the cloud.

Understand the cloud readiness of an application. Based on facts.

With the addition of CAST Imaging you can also:


Understand the architecture and evaluate the scalability and resilience of the applications.

An integrated view of the architecture helps enables review of architecture design and compliance to best practices in the as-is architecture. It also enables evaluation of complexities and the interdependencies between systems and to estimate TCO of maintaining the systems in the long term.

Understand the architecture and evaluate the scalability and resilience of the applications.

Where an architect could spend weeks to assess a single application, CAST makes it possible in hours, using objective data to ensure a more accurate valuation of software assets.

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Vishy Padmanabhan

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