What Are the Benefits of Agile Analytics?


Metrics and data are some of the most valuable resources that a company can have – and you can add agile analytics to that as well. The benefits of agile analytics are numerous and have widespread impact on your business. Advances in all kinds of data, from agile analytics to artificial intelligence to machine learning have helped with automation, development, and even stakeholder meetings.

But what benefits does agile analytics really have for your business?

Agile Analytics Allow Data Visualization

Agile analytics can provide you with a way to frame and view raw data – even when you have a lot of it coming toward you. People are fundamentally overwhelmed when they see too many numbers, so finding a new way to view those numbers where they aren’t in your face may help with visualization and tracking trends. Agile analytics gives you graphical representations of your information.

Agile Transformation


With agile analytics, you are given a way to express information to almost anyone, from team managers to stakeholders who might not understand all of the nitty gritty details. Too often, we think that data has to be difficult to understand in order for it to be effective, but it does not have to be. You can learn valuable insights when you use agile analytics, some insights that cannot be unearthed in other ways. When it becomes commonplace, it is easier for everyone to use.

Agile analytics tools are easy to adopt and offer an advantage to all facets of the software development process.

Agile Analytics Provide Diversity

When you have more data about your performance, you have more insight, right? This is true but it sometimes takes a lot of work to get the kind of information that you are able to really put to use – you have to go through multiple tools and sources to get what you really want to know. With Agile analytics, you are able to get more diversity in your information and your data, meaning that you are getting a more comprehensive look at your performance, your products, and where you can go into the future.

If you don’t have multiple types of data collated into one source, you may make the wrong assumption or change the way you are doing something prematurely.

Agile Analytics Allow Self Service

Become Agile Transformation Tips


When you learn how to use a tool for agile analytics, you are able to take a lot of information into your own hands. Rapid developments in automation and technology have made it easier than every to gain information by yourself and without the help of another party. With tools like CAST Highlight, you are able to run tests and get results without a waiting period.

Even more, every team within your company can get instant value out of these tools with some basic training.

Remember that you don’t really want to be self-sufficient when it comes to agile analytics, but you do want to have the ability to work with the tools yourself and really feel the hands-on approach to your work.

So What are the Benefits of Agile Analytics?

The benefits of agile analytics are manifold, but the biggest benefit comes in the form of time – time you don’t have to wait, time you get to save, and time you don’t have to waste. Agile analytics allow for a certain amount of business intelligence that can sometimes take years to gain. With agile analytics, you can gain the ability to use the tools in days and the results in seconds.

Agile analytics will change the way your company works in the best of ways, you will earn so much time back that you won’t really know what to do with it all – and the actionable insights you get will lead you to continuous improvement and a better bottom line.

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