Vendor Performance Management


How does your organization know if IT vendors are delivering on their promises?

Vendor performance management is the practice of monitoring application service providers. Effective vendor performance management enables organizations to identify problems early, proactively resolve them, avoid additional costs, and prevent potential business risks or disruptions. When relying on outside services to develop and support applications or software enhancements, it is common to experience implementation problems, question reliability, and ponder the supplied value.

Automate Vendor Performance Management

To determine a vendor’s level of production and to monitor it over time, organizations cannot rely on manual methods that tend to be slow, costly, and subjective. Automated vendor performance management solutions use assessments of the IT vendor's output – the source code – to gain objective insight into what is supplied by vendor. An automated evaluation provides organizations with several vendor performance management benefits including:

  • More Timely Deliverables
  • Cost Improvements
  • Quality Enhancements
  • Knowledge of Required Effort
  • Better View of Associated Risk
  • Industry Benchmarks
  • Enables Performance Based Contracting

In order to obtain dependable vendor performance management, your organization must develop evaluation criteria for assessing effort and quality. The next step within the process is to collect and analyze data regarding what is currently being provided. Automated analysis supplies accurate, objective measurements for size, complexity, risk, and effort based on the enhancement or software the vendor has delivered. As a result, your organization is able to identify improvement opportunities, ensure compliance to standards, and drive productivity improvements. This information can be used to determine received value as well as in making adjustments to gain a better investment.

Applying Vendor Performance Management Metrics for Better Results

Does your company desire to see reduced costs or improved quality?

Are suppliers not following best coding practices or failing to meet deliverables?

Is the goal to reduce total time to market as changes are handed to an outsourcing provider?

Automated vendor performance management solutions generate accurate measurements based on the vendor output. An assessment of the source code determines how much functionality was completed during the project, the amount of required effort, and offers an opportunity to benchmark applications continuously managed through outsourcing services.

CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is an enterprise solution for vendor performance management. It can benchmark vendor performance as well as determine the size, quality, and technical risks within the vendor's delivered code. With AIP, you can gain increased vendor performance management and monitor every action taken to boost benefits received from these relationships. Contact us today to learn how automated code analysis with AIP will increase the value your organization receives from outsourcing services.

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