How Much Does Poor System Performance of Critical Applications Hurt Your Organization?

Is inefficient software or poor development practices causing your infrastructure to suffer?

How can software quality and vulnerabilities be properly managed to ensure reliable system performance?

If your company is not effectively monitor these systems to identify areas of improvement, then systems are not be as secure or resilient as they need to be for dependable performance.

What Does Dependable System Performance Mean?


These characteristics are signs of exceptional system performance:

  • Minimal Response Times
  • High Throughput
  • Low Resource Utilization
  • High Availability
  • High Bandwidth
  • Short Data Transmission Time
  • Efficiency and Scalability

Each of these characteristics is affected by several factors, including the applications implemented by the development team or outside vendors. Missed vulnerabilities, poor code quality, and failure to comply with code best practices are often the causes for failures or breaches. How can your organization guarantee these specific characteristics are present and strive to make continuous improvements to boost reliability?

System Performance Analysis Provides Certain Advantages

CAST Application Intelligence Platform or AIP is a structural application analysis solution offered to companies seeking better system performance through efficient software and development practices. It is one of the most comprehensive analysis solutions available on the market today. AIP provides the ability to monitor, measure, and assess application source code and analyze its architecture across multiple technologies in very large and complex systems.

With AIP, you will be able to analyze transactions between the application layer and data to detect serious inefficiencies that are difficult to identify with traditional testing methods. Additionally, system performance analysis makes it easier for organizations to identify resilience risks at critical integration points between components. System performance metrics may be used to identify areas of improvement as well as monitor these efforts to ensure uninterrupted resiliency and enhanced software quality.

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