Static Code Analysis Tools Enhance Quality without the Fuss

Do you ever experience system or infrastructure problems resulting from source code flaws?

Are completed projects jeopardizing the security of your infrastructure?

Is your development team spending too much time performing maintenance activities resulting from poor quality or missed program defects?


These problems often surface unexpectedly as developers are pushed quickly to implement enhancements, create new programs, or produce marketed applications.

Static code analysis is a form of assessment of non-complied applications prior to project completion or after implementation. It can be used for early detection of vulnerabilities, to identify insufficient code. A static code analysis tool is designed to analyze source code during any point of the development cycle to monitor quality, risk, and technical debt.

Static Code Analysis Tools Deliver the Right Information for Improvement

The most successful static code analysis tools derive a baseline measurement against industry standards or norms.  These tools determine size and identify vulnerabilities when used in conjunction with additional assessment practices to determine complexity or identify defects. Static analysis tools that provide a benchmarking score are used by organizations and developers to monitor aspects such as code quality or productivity as software is created or enhanced.

The benchmark measurement is effective for determining application size, complexity, and quality. As systems evolve, static analysis tools can be used to monitor code improvement efforts based on updated scores. It is a fast, cost effective approach to detailed source code evaluation. An effective static code analysis tool gives organizations the opportunity to:

  • Eliminate Defects
  • Enhance Software Quality
  • Increase Productivity
  • Monitor Complexity
  • Decrease Technical Debt
  • Increase Performance
  • Better Meet Architecture Standards

Static analysis is almost impossible to perform manually for applications being implemented across a complex infrastructure consisting of several tiers and technologies. Automated static code analysis tools help organizations complete this form of software review without investing an abundant amount of time or missing critical flaws.

Effective Tools for Complex, Enterprise Deployments

CAST AIP (Application Intelligence Platform) is an enterprise-class automated static code analysis tool. It is the only solution capable of assessing multiple technologies across a complex infrastructure. AIP creates extensive insight into the potential vulnerabilities accompanying software development or package upgrades across a large, multi-tiered infrastructure.

Take a look at the insight automated code analysis tools can generate today!

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