Static Analysis Tools Enhance Traditional Software Testing Approaches

Many forms of analysis can be performed on an application during development, including dynamic and static analysis. Dynamic testing assesses an application while it is being executed. Static analysis analyzes source code in its resting state (static). Static analysis is effective for identifying source code flaws and ensuring software conforms to defined standards prior to implementation or release. Static analysis tools provide an automated solution for this process and are beneficial for monitoring code quality or detecting flaws through the development process.

How Do Organizations Benefit from Automated Solutions?


A static analysis tool provides several benefits to organizations performing rapid development within a complex infrastructure. It is too common to shortcut testing or reuse code to meet stringent deadlines, and flaws are often missed due to these practices. Static assessment offers insight in these development areas:

  • Software Risk
  • Code Quality
  • Developer or Vendor Productivity
  • Conformance to Architecture Standards
  • Application Resiliency
  • Technical Debt

Each contributes to the success of a final implementation and the base measurement provided by a static analysis tool gives organizations the opportunity to monitor progress during any portion of the development process. Manual code evaluation is too costly (time and money) and is not as accurate over time or with extremely large systems as organizations need it to be for effective identification of critical flaws. Automated static analysis tools supply a scalable, dependable, objective solution to achieving the benefits of this type of code evaluation.

Simplifying Application Assessment of Complex Systems

Static analysis is often viewed as extremely complicated due to the use of multiple languages across complex, multi-tier infrastructures. Additionally, many programming languages do not have a static analysis tool capable of providing the desired information. CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is an enterprise software analytics platform with the capability to analyze source code for any major technology stack, regardless of infrastructure complexity or size. It provides an automated static analysis tool that your organization can use to enhance quality, mitigate risk, and boost productivity through accurate benchmarking measurements.

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