Making Source Code Analysis a Priority?

Do systems experience performance degradation and fail frequently without warning? How much technical debt does your organization have due to insufficient code? If so, your organization may need to take source code analysis practices a step further to detect the root causes of these problems.


Source code analysis aids in the evaluation applications to locate vulnerabilities and verify quality. Automated solutions offer several benefits over manual code reviews. Automated source code analysis provides a base measurement for assessing application complexity, reducing technical debt, and overall quality improvement initiatives. Additionally, automated source code analysis offers the opportunity to assess the value supplied by outside vendors.

If your organization is still relying on manual analysis, then you could be missing out on performance or security enhancing opportunities.

Automated Static Code Analysis Improve Application Security and Reliability

This assessment approach, also referred to as static code analysis, offers great insight during a review or at any point in the development process. Automated solutions provide measurable, repeatable results that can be used to continuously monitor and manage:

  • Developer Productivity
  • Vendor Value
  • Technical Debt
  • Application Complexity
  • Software Quality
  • Infrastructure Security

Complex, multiple technology infrastructures make it impossible to rely only on traditional testing methods before implementation. Inefficient code drastically affects performance and security in these environments. Automated source code analysis delivers a dependable and affordable approach to evaluating application quality and detecting security flaws. Early detection also reduces maintenance time and reduces rework and labor costs resulting from undetected problems.

CAST Source Code Analysis: Get the Information You Need to Excel

Static code analysis is essential to the development process because it provides vital analysis information regarding potential flaws within an application. One missed flaw can jeopardize PCI compliance, result in security breaches, affect system performance, and cause complete infrastructure failures. An automated solution ensures that each implementation is safe, reliable, and meets defined infrastructure standards.

CAST source code analysis is an enterprise solution that analyzes over 30 different languages across multiple tiers.  As the only automated solution capable of evaluating software in a complex, multi-tier environment, CAST offers organizations the chance to gain enhanced control over every developed application.

If managing productivity, application quality, vendor value, size, complexity, or software risk seems to be hard for your organization, CAST source code analysis delivers great insight for detecting problems upfront and continuously improving software quality.

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