Evaluating Software Size in Applications and Portfolios

Does your organization utilize software size metrics to understand productivity, development complexity, and improve project estimation?

Do you know what level of output you should expect from your developers or outsourcing providers?


Software size grows continuously during development and also release.  Software sizing should take place at the end of every year for applications in production because size, much like the physical weight, of an object can be an effective metric to estimate projects, forecast development team productivity, and identify systems that present maintainability challenges.

It is important to have a base size measurement as your development team creates new applications or makes software enhancements. A proper size calculation provides a benchmark for evaluating quality, complexity, risk, and productivity as end user needs rapidly evolve.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Software Sizing?

Automated analysis supplies a fast, accurate software sizing supports the monitoring of development practices and identifying improvement areas. Software sizing offers certain benefits including the ability to:

  • Improved Project Estimation
  • Enables Productivity Measurement and Monitoring
  • Creates Insight into Application Portfolio
  • Provide Context into Your Organizations Maintenance Challenges

Automated approaches using defined metrics have allowed for better, more accurate results in less time than other methods.

Using Automated Function Point Counting to Assess Software Size

Function point counting has proven to be one of the most beneficial because it breaks an application down into defined end user functions and uses this count to provide an accurate size benchmark. This calculation also helps organizations evaluate required effort based on the number of completed requirements within an application. Function points are a method for quantifying application functionality based on its logical design. Organizations use this software size estimation technique to identify improvement opportunities in complex, multi-tier environments where application development consists of several projects or technologies.

CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is an automated analysis solution that uses function points to provide a benchmarking measurement for continuous assessment of source code. It can be used to determine software size for multiple languages and is beneficial for mitigating risk in complex infrastructures. AIP is able to deliver accurate, objective software size estimates your organization can use to create higher quality source code, eliminate vulnerabilities, determine complexity, and monitor improvement efforts.

Check out this video from David Consulting Group about function points and function point software.

CAST offers an automated function point analysis solution to help your organization effectively manage application quality, risk, and complexity.

Click here to see how Function Point Software makes it easier to manage the not-so-obvious critical factors of your infrastructure.

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