Software Quality Management: Get More from Your Development Team

How do you evaluate the quality of the work performed by your application development team? Is application quality affecting other aspects of your infrastructure, such as security, performance, or compliance? Software quality management is the process of assessing applications or an entire codebase to determine if the desired amount of excellence is achieved by developers or outsourcing providers. Poor quality code is the largest cause for expensive financial losses and infrastructure problems. As an infrastructure becomes more complex, applications need to be simplified to end user or business needs.

The Results of a Poor Codebase


Developers must work faster to produce code that will be implemented across multi-tier, multiple technology infrastructures and utilized between several interacting systems or applications. If your organization is not implementing and utilizing the right solutions, then these software management issues could be a result of poor quality code:

  • Decreased Performance
  • Increased Technical Risk
  • Missed Vulnerabilities
  • Infrastructure or System Failures
  • Reduced Productivity
  • Increased Complexity
  • Compliance Issues
  • Higher Technical Debt

Almost every issue experienced by an organization can be tracked down to the code that has been implemented. Software quality management is essential to creating flawless implementations, reducing costs, mitigating risk, and managing productivity within an infrastructure.

Using Software Quality Management Metrics to Meet Objectives

As your organization strives to meet software quality management objectives, it can be difficult to know what methods are best for assessing a current code base. Reading each application line by line to determine complexity, locate vulnerabilities, and assess risk is not a sustainable solution because it takes a vast amount of time and resources to do. Software quality management metrics provide an automated, repeatable approach to performing an initial assessment of an application and offer an ongoing measurement for future analysis requirements.

If your organization is struggling with maintaining exceptional code quality or is concerned about the quality of software managed by your outsourced vendors, then an automated solution is an option for meeting software quality management objectives. CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is an automated enterprise solution with the capability of analyzing applications at the source code, component, and application system levels. It can be used to assess various technologies across a complex, multi-tiered infrastructure and is proven to deliver results to organizations seeking to cost effectively resolve software quality management issues.

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