How Productive Is Software Productivity Measurement?

Do you know if your developers spend excessive amounts of time maintaining legacy systems?

Do you know if your best team stacks up against the industry?

Is overly complex code resulting in increased development time?

Software productivity measurement is essential to ensuring a development team is providing the best value in the shortest amount of time. Software productivity measurement metrics help organizations determine the amount of required input to complete a software project. This is an essential step in the project lifecycle because it helps organizations to:


  • Identify Current Productivity Levels
  • Assess Delivered Quality
  • Rationalize the Need for Increased Investments
  • Streamline Programming Operations
  • Pinpoint Development Bottlenecks
  • Recognize Underutilized Resources
  • Evaluate Vendor Supplied Value

Software productivity measurement should account for your organization’s development processes and environment: the number of programming languages, complexity of the application, and the type of applications developed. 

Software productivity measurement tools must be capable of completing an assessment that fits these development settings. Additionally, they have to provide accurate, repeatable benchmarking for continuous management of productivity and quality.

Incorporating the Right Tool for the Job

Your organization cannot improve without first understanding your current level of output – both quantity and quality of the output. Software productivity measurement tools supply normalized measures that determine how functionality was delivered by a team regardless of the number of code lines or the type of development work.

Function points are objective, repeatable measures that can be performed on any application whether it is new or an enhancement. As a result, your organization can accurately quantify how much output is provided based on the number of completed business functions.

CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is a software productivity measurement solution designed for enterprise use across complex, multi-tier IT environments. CAST AIP automatically counts function points as your team is coding.

AIP may be used at any point of development for numerous languages and technologies. It is the only software productivity measurement solution offering these capabilities. If your organization feels left in the dark about current developer or outsource provider output or simply wants to identify ways to improve coding practices, AIP can deliver the information you need to manage every improvement opportunity.

The CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is the backbone of an enterprise software productivity measurement program.

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