Software Performance Analysis

Software performance analysis looks at how a specific program is performing on a daily basis and chronicles what slows down performance and causes errors now and what could pose a problem into the future. Performance issues aren’t always built into software in a way that can easily be spotted through the QA process. Instead, it is something that can emerge over time after the project has been deployed.

Software performance analysis keeps your team honest: it requires developers to continually test what they are doing and IT teams to monitor the code as version are updated, more code is added, other applications interact with it, or when there are changes in hosting. While many businesses will perform software performance analysis at random times, that isn’t enough. Performance is something that needs to be constantly monitored for problems because they aren’t always apparent and catching something early (perhaps even before the end user is impacted) can save a lot of time and strife.


Software Performance Evaluations & Analysis Eliminate Rework

When designing new applications or even making changes to existing ones, there are bound to be some errors or things that go wrong. This can impact software performance immediately or it can impact it as a slow leak over time. Either way, it should be caught as soon as possible. While those immediate problems may seem like the most hazardous, they don’t have to be. The slower, smaller problems that compound over time can cause eventual crashes or a lapse in security that can bring down your entire portfolio. When you think of all that could be stopped by a simple mistake - web applications, mobile applications, internal operations, and so much else, it can be disconcerting.

Your software performance needs to meet the performance requirements of today’s world, regardless of when they were created. Sometimes, trying to keep up can fall by the wayside and reveal many, many problems. When you let something go too long, the answer may be losing all of that work and trying to develop something completely new: losing everything that you have done already. To avoid this, software performance analysis needs to be automated into every stage of the process.

Your IT teams and developers need to get their work right the first time and eliminate the need for a lot for rework. By adding software performance analysis into your existing culture, you will see changes that result in more productivity and even more employee satisfaction.


Software Performance Analysis Helps Businesses Achieve Optimization

Of course, IT teams are expected to perform at a certain level and take a certain amount of pride in their work. Still, we all make mistakes and when work becomes rote or repetitive as coding can be, mistakes are bound to happen. Everyone must take steps to ensure that they are working toward goals with efficiency: the work needs to be good and it needs to get done quickly.

With software performance analysis, they will have some back up in checking their work. It is important to note that this is far more than simplistic testing. Instead, it is complete, comprehensive monitoring of code throughout the lifespan of the application.

Incorporate Software Performance Analysis Into Your System

At the end of the day, software performance analysis will help to simulate how a system will perform today, tomorrow, three weeks from now, and into the next year. It checks for potential problems that may emerge when you test it against traffic, load conditions, and business requirements. The goal is to reduce technical debt while at the same time providing a better business value from the application. To do this, you must use software performance analysis to catch potential issues early in development.

Remember: it costs more to fix a bug the further along in the lifecycle you are; catching a bug earlier helps to mitigate costs. However, it needs to be leveraged properly and used in a way that will benefit your development.

When you have high-quality software performance, IT teams can focus more on quality development and mitigating any risk. For more information about software performance analysis or information on how to monitor your own software performance, make sure to read our eBooks 20 Software Engineering Goals for the Digital Economy and 6 Steps to Enhance Performance of Critical Systems.

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