Improving Application Performance

As your systems slows, so does your interaction with your customers. With systems, websites, apps being the primary interface for so many businesses, any degradation of application performance has a direct impact on your customers’ satisfaction, revenue, and brand image.

In order to ensure reliable application performance, an organization must utilize the right methods and metrics for determining problem origination. While many issues point directly to a storage issue or other infrastructure problem, the culprit is typically a defect in the program itself. A dependable method of analysis must be used to locate the root cause within code and then monitor implemented improvement efforts.


Despite the fact that enterprise IT departments have invested heavily in dynamic testing tools to verify and validate application performance and scalability before releasing business applications into production, performance issues and response time latency continue to negatively impact the business. By supplementing dynamic performance testing with automated structural quality analysis, development teams have the ability to detect, diagnose, and analyze performance and scalability issues more effectively.

How Does CAST Help Improve Performance In Complex Infrastructures?

Excessive code complexity and poor architectural practices result in undetected vulnerabilities, which silently wait for the right moment to cause application performance, security, or reliability issues. Dependable, accurate analysis measurements help organizations uncover the root of the problem and improve application performance.

CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is the most comprehensive structural application analysis engine on the market today. AIP creates a cross-application blueprint that enables identification of the most insidious software risks that result from complex integrations of multiple software components. AIP is either deployed as the structural quality gate portion of the QA process, in parallel to testing, or in the build process for fast feedback cycles. In both instances, AIP identifies software risks that functional testing, and even performance testing, cannot address.

When it comes to software risk management, CAST AIP’s analytical capability is not available in any other code quality product in the industry. Deep understanding of a system's resilience and efficiency is only possible through an analysis of component interactions at the architecture and the transaction levels.

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