The Benefits of Early Defect Detection in Software Development

A software defect is a coding or logic error resulting in an application malfunction or incorrect results. A number of methods may be used to identify or detect defects at different phases of the development life cycle. It is well known that the later defects are detected the more expensive they are to fix or resolve. As such, organizations seek to identify potential defects as early as possible in the software development process. Early defect detection using static code analysis eliminates future costs and prevents problem expansion in the production or implementation phases. Early defect detection benefits include:


  • Reduces Fix and Remediation Cost
  • Reduces Overall ADM Spend
  • Increased Developer and QA Staff Productivity
  • Reduces Business Risk Due to Outages
  • Improves Application Security and Overall Code Quality

Preventing a problem will always be a better practice then waiting for it to surface on its own. The earlier a development team can identify flaws or vulnerabilities within software, the less the issue will cost and the easier it will be to remedy. Early defect detection using static code analysis ensures that the end product has minimal-to-no defects, thus creating a stable infrastructure deployment or market release.

Early Defect Detection in Software Testing Reduces Costs

A synergistic combination of formal inspections, static analysis, and formal testing can achieve combined defect removal efficiency levels of 99%. Capers Jones

Static code analysis is possible as soon as there is code being written. Early defect detection assessments provide a cost effective, accurate approach to creating secure, robust software. As flaws or vulnerabilities remain unidentified, they create a continuously compiling expense in the form of cost-to-fix or remediation. Automated software using static analysis offers direct insight as to the source of the problem and makes it easy to resolve issues long before deployment. This drastically decreases organizational costs, increases developer productivity, and ensures a reliable implementation or release.

CAST AIP Enables Early Defect Detection

CAST Application Intelligence Platform or AIP is an enterprise-driven static and architectural analysis solution that assesses size, complexity, quality, and technical risk at any point in the development life cycle. With AIP, your organization will be able to:

  • Detect Defects Earlier
  • Fulfill Architecture Standards
  • Improve Code Quality
  • Decrease Software Risk
  • Minimize Complexity
  • Verifying Coding Practices
  • Lower Technical Debt

AIP is an analysis solution capable of assessing multiple languages and has built-in knowledge for identifying flaws or vulnerabilities existing within application layers. If secure, high-quality, and robust applications are desired, AIP will help you identify problems or improvement areas to ensure this objective can be met.

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