Cloud Migration Services: What to Know

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Cloud migration is the process of taking the old-fashioned way of storing information and applications – using hardware and machines on-site – and transitioning all of the information and data to the cloud. Cloud migration services help with the transition process and ensure that everything is done correctly and safely.

The goal is to make it easier for a company to function, reducing capital expenditures and operating costs while ensuring that the day-to-day functions of the company and its services remain the same or improve. Cloud migration provides dynamic scaling capabilities and resource allocation, making it a fantastic option for organizations and businesses of all sizes and scopes.

Why Should a Company Use Cloud Migration Services?

Cloud migration services ensure that each step of the cloud migration process is handled with skill and care. Companies can open themselves up to vulnerabilities and do serious harm to their reputations if they don’t treat cloud migration with care.

More importantly, cloud migration isn’t one specific method – working with a cloud migration service ensures you are using the best possible system for your organization.

Cloud migration services can answer the following questions:


  • Is cloud migration a good option for me?
  • When should my company transition to the cloud?
  • How long will cloud migration take?
  • How do I solve this cloud migration problem?
  • Is all of our information safe when transitioning to the cloud?

Working with a designated cloud migration service ensures that the person providing those answers knows your system intimately and can make knowledgeable decisions.

The Basics of Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration services are essential because cloud migration isn’t one specific thing. A migration to the cloud could mean any of the following:

SaaS Integration: Saas stands for “Software as a Service” and is the more comprehensive meaning of cloud migration. This type of integration includes software that is hosted and maintained by a third party – it is immediately ready to go. To perform a specific action, you go in through the software system and make the command.

The above is a complete solution, and also the most common. The two other options are:

IaaS Integration: Iaas stands for “Infrastructure as a Service” and is the most basic form of cloud integration. Companies can do whatever they want using the infrastructure and raw resources of the system – from creating backups to storing data.

PaaS Integration: PaaS stands for “Platform as a Service,” which is a step up from IaaS. It has the resources and tools that one finds with IaaS but includes the ability to build apps as well.

Cloud migration doesn’t have to be one thing – it can be a from a singular group, or it can be a self-defined version of cloud migration that is unique to a specific business or organization and the way it operates. Cloud migration services help you to pick the option that is best for you.

Benefits of Cloud Migration Services

Why use cloud migration services? While every situation is different, cloud migration services have the skills and knowledge to perform the highly technical and planned process that is cloud migration. A company may need to work with outside vendors, onsite staff, and other institutions to make migration a success – something that requires the skills and tenacity of an experienced company.

Cloud migration services all have some of the same goals: reduce the amount of downtime a client experiences, work on weekends or after hours to provide the service, test the cloud environment so that going live is a smooth experience, and exceed the expectations of clients.

Cloud Migration Services: What To Do Now

Before complete cloud migration, a company may need to prepare for the transition, and this is where cloud migration services benefit. These steps are necessary to guarantee that migration goes smoothly. To start, a team from the cloud migration service will assess the company’s legacy software to see if it is ready for the cloud. Often it is, but sometimes some problems need to be solved before moving forward. In particular, older software isn’t compatible with cloud migration. The challenges aren’t insurmountable for an experienced cloud migration service but can be extremely difficult for someone without the experience or cloud migration tools. Once the assessment is complete, the best environment can then be determined.

Migration to the cloud isn’t something that happens overnight, even if using a cloud migration service. We will help you to prioritize what data needs to be moved to the cloud first and then proceed to create a timeline that breaks down each step of the process. This is a lengthy discussion, as the pros and cons of each move have to be discussed. A few things to consider include:

  • Any downtime during the move;
  • When the fewest people will be impacted;
  • Workflow;
  • Health of the apps and/or data

Cloud migration companies have been through this process many times and understand the complexities, allowing for us to create a realistic and functional timeline. At the same time, it provides the opportunity for companies to plan around possible downtimes.

Cloud Migration Services: Movement to the Cloud

Once all of the preparatory work has been completed, then comes the time for the cloud migration services to begin. First, modernization of any existing apps that won’t transfer is completed. This can take a very short amount of time or an extended amount of time, depending on the amount of work that needs to be completed.

After modernization is complete, each app is moved individually and the data is transferred in smaller pieces as well. While this does take longer, it allows for the cloud migration services to troubleshoot any problems, should they emerge, and allows for testing of that data and the apps so that problems can be fixed before going live. This testing is something that should continue for as long as a company uses cloud migration services – once the transition is complete, the testing efforts go into measuring effectiveness through ROI, downtime, profits, and more.

Cloud Migration Services: Contact Us Today

Cloud migration does not have to be difficult, though it does have to take some time to be done correctly. Working with a reputable cloud migration service can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process, however. If you are interested in cloud migration services, schedule a call with us today to find out more information.

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