CIO Risk Management: Reducing Technology Threats to Your Business

Risk resulting from application vulnerabilities has become an important CIO risk management concern. Application defects are a leading contributor to increased IT costs, reduced productivity, performance degradation, infrastructure failure, and security issues. Modern CIO risk management must include investigation into the existing technical state of applications, their source codes, and the teams and vendors supporting them.

Dependability of CIO Risk Management Processes


If CIO risk management is an important organizational objective, then the right solutions are necessary to properly identify and guard against potential threats. Application flaws are among the largest contributors to system or infrastructure vulnerabilities. Rapid development combined with complex systems makes it difficult for most teams to manually find defects within an application. The addition of numerous technologies makes it even harder to know what will happen during deployment. Several application analysis options are available for this process; however, most do not support multiple technologies or offer the ability to assess risk across large complex systems.

"The cost of failure is high and getting higher. Couple that with the fact that automated software analysis and measurement tools have become very good and that their cost has become attractive. Now you have an imperative for CIOs to measure applications resting state and establish productivity performance indicators that help organizations assess and mitigate risk, thereby strengthening their end-to-end systems and helping to avoid failure, as well as the heavy cost of customer dissatisfaction and resulting brand damage." - Paul Dottle, Chief Technology Officer of American Express Company, Wall Street Journal, January 2013.

Automating CIO Risk Management Processes

CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is an enterprise software analytics solution that organizations use to obtain better CIO risk management in a complex, multiple technology infrastructure. If application assessment is not included as part of your development practices, you are missing critical vulnerabilities and these problems are being deployed straight into your infrastructure, resulting in increased maintenance time, increased rework, higher IT operational costs, more system problems, and decreased developer productivity.

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