Automated Code Review: Improving Security, Performance, and Maintainability of Your Software.

What is the most efficient and effective way to boost quality and reduce risk for applications developed by your organization?

Leveraging code quality and architecture analysis tools to automate code review has proven to be one of the most effective methods of improving application performance, stability, and security.

Traditional manual code review approaches cannot provide the detailed insight organizations need today. Automated code reviews offer objective, repeatable application insight.

Why Use Automated Code Review Software?


If you are manually reviewing source code line by line to detect vulnerabilities or to evaluate quality, then automated code review software will drastically reduce the time and effort, while ensuring better overall quality and performance for large complex applications. A large majority of critical issues are a direct cause of structural quality or architectural inefficiencies. These flaws are hard to find and can remain dormant for several years before causing substantial system problems. Automated code review software offers the ability to identify common vulnerabilities before an application is released or implemented.

The Many Benefits of an Automated Code Review Process

Automated code review solutions have two advantages over a manual audit. First, they are able to complete the review at a much faster pace. This means your organization can evaluate each application repeatedly without requiring a vast amount of time. Second, the software used for an automated code review process contains specific knowledge about potential vulnerabilities without requiring the user to have the same knowledge. Put simply, automated code review software removes the possibility of human error, improves code coverage, and is more effective and ultimately more affordable.

Automated code review software can provide benchmark measurement for continued monitoring of:

  • Software Health (Security, Reliability, Efficiency, Robustness)
  • Technical Complexity
  • Technical Debt

CAST Application Intelligence Platform or AIP is the only enterprise-driven analysis solution capable of evaluating numerous technologies across complex, multi-tier architectures. Employed as an automated code review software, your organization can use CAST AIP to quickly detect critical flaws and improve reliability of every application.

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